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ASCENTIS Level 1 Award in Understanding Community Interpreting


Level 1

Prior knowledge:

There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification, although all learners must attend an interview and assessment session before being offered a place on the course. Learners must have a very good level of English and an excellent command of/be fluent in another language.

What will I learn?

This qualification offers the opportunity for learners who are speakers of other languages to learn about the area of Community Interpreting. Learners may wish to study the subject as they have an interest in the topic or they may wish to use the qualification as a steppingstone to becoming a community Interpreter.

The qualification offers the opportunity to learn about the language skills required when working in the community – giving an awareness of how language changes depending on the situation. There is also an opportunity to look at how public and voluntary service sectors work and their interaction with the community. The role of the Interpreter is also explored and discussed.

Subject contents/Topics to be covered:

During the course you will learn about and understand

* The role of a community interpreter.
* You will start to explore the public voluntary sectors and how they support community needs.
* How to use language skills to the best advantage.
* Sectors where interpreters may be required to work.

Teaching/learning methods:

During this course, all teaching will be undertaken online via Zoom.

What examinations will I be able to take?

You will work towards the ASCENTIS Level 1 Award in Understanding Community Interpreting. (ASCENTIS is the Awarding Body)

This accreditation is based on work done in class or at home to build up a small portfolio, there are no formal examinations. The ASCENTIS registration fee has been included in the course fee.

CALAT Examination and Assessment Appeals Procedure:
Learners who wish to appeal against the result of an examination or assessment should within 20 days of being notified, contact their course tutor or the relevant Centre Examinations Officer for advice on the correct appeals procedures.

Assessment pattern:

Continuous assessment based on work done in class and at home to build up a small portfolio which will then be internally and externally verified.

Additional costs to students:

Any book needed will be advised by the Tutor during the first class. Students are advised not to buy any books before the course starts.

What extra work will I need to do outside the classroom?

Two-three hours per week going over work done in class and preparing work for the next lesson.

Equipment/information needed to participate in class:

This course will be delivered online via Zoom. You will need to have a webcam and a microphone in order to participate fully. You will also need a current e-mail address so that your Tutor can send you the invitation to join his/her online classroom. You will need to ensure you supply your e-mail address when you enrol so that you are able to participate from the start.

Joining Instructions:

Before you are able to enrol on this course, you will need to book and attend an assessment session....PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS ASSESMENT SESSION WILL BE HELD IN THE CLASROOM AT CROYDON CLOCKTOWER CENTRE.
You will need to create an online account to book your place on the assessment. Click on the 'Enrol' button to book your time slot for the information session for this course and follow the booking / registration instructions.

Progression opportunities:

Achievement of this Level 1 Award will allow learners to progress to further qualifications in Community Interpreting, enabling them to work towards becoming a Community Interpreter.