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Smartphone Photography



Prior Knowledge

Please familiarise yourself with the basics of your own model of smartphone and the model details.

What will I learn?

Common photography terms
Your smartphone camera settings and modes and how to apply them
Controlling and manipulating movement and depth
Try out manual camera apps and slow shutter techniques
Explore composition, such as rule of thirds, leading lines and angle of view
Apply technical learnings and composition theories in mini-projects each week
Learn how to edit in Snapseed
Practical exercises to include still-life, portrait and landscape
Field trip in Croydon central to photograph urban landscapes

Teaching/Learning methods

Classroom presentations. Demonstrations and individual practical exercises, including a field trip. Group discussions of images. Completing creative and technical briefs to upload online each week for feedback from group and tutor.

Skills Acquired

By the end of the 6 week course you will:
Master the features of your smartphone and/or a manual camera app
Broaden your editing and filtering skills by exploring apps like Lightroom and Snapseed
Express your creativity through stronger images by applying new ways of seeing

Assessment Pattern

Your progress and achievement will be recognised and recorded in writing throughout.
Initial assessments of your abilities and interests will be made to help plan learning and to set personal objectives.
You will learn to evaluate your own work and recognise areas for improvement.
At the end of the course, you and your tutor will discuss and record what you have achieved and what you still need or want to learn.

Additional Costs to Students

None. Do not buy any equipment or apps in advance of the course. Tutor will give advice on the course about which apps can be purchased/downloaded for free and where.

What extra work do I need to do outside the classroom?

To continue with your practice each week and upload to the shared drive, and to read the PDFs of the slides or any online resources.

Equipment materials to be brought to first meeting

Bring your smartphone and charger. Bring any lenses or remote triggers or tripods after the first lesson
Bring your personal learning objectives. Bring pen and paper or laptop to make notes.
A gmail account would be useful.

Progression Opportunities

Further photography courses at CALAT such as NCFE Level 1

Joining Instructions

Enrolment in Centre or online.