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Art for Mindfulness


All levels

Prior Knowledge

Language, Literacy and Numeracy Skills required to follow verbal and written instruction. The tutor will explain any specialist terms used. Suitable for experienced learners and complete beginners.
Be able to access the course through a device with video conferencing application ( zoom)

What will I learn?

Art and mindfulness techniques to achieve relaxed calm

Subject contents/Topics to be covered

1. Learn breathing techniques to reduce stress and become centred.

2. Learn to use colour, mark making, lines and painting techniques.

3. Create a mandala, incorporating colour, pattern, favourite images etc.

4. Create artworks without judgement, to embrace the moment and discover creativity

5. Learn to make time and space to allow your creativity to flourish.

Teaching/Learning methods

Online interactive seminars using Zoom video conferencing

The class will be taught through a combination of tutor demonstrations, individual studio practice, pair/group work, group discussion, question and answer, observation and tutor feedback

What Examinations will I be able to take?

Not applicable

Additional cost to students

Need a device to access zoom video conferencing and an internet connection.

What extra work do I need to do outside the classroom?

Maintain a sketch book and continue painting.

Equipment to be brought to the first meeting

Paper/sketch books, paints and brushes, pencils (drawing and colour), rubber, a drawing compass (or a plate to draw around), ruler and any art materials you might have.
Pen and paper for making notes. Personal learning file


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