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Sew Your Own Pyjama Bottoms



Prior Knowledge

Learners will require a good understanding of spoken and written English. No prior sewing knowledge needed, just a desire to sew. This course will be taught online, so will require a zoom account, good Wi-Fi access and basic IT skills

What will I learn?

By the end of the course, you should be able to:

Recognise safety when using the sewing machine and equipment.
Choose suitable fabric and notions.
Select a suitable size relating to own body measurements.
Read and understand pattern terminology and instructions.
Use sewing techniques suitable to garment and fabric.
Select suitable finishing techniques to complete the garment.

Subject contents/Topics to be covered

Students will be using a commercial pattern to make a pair of pyjama bottoms. The tutor will take you through measuring and choosing the correct size, looking at suitable fabrics, learning how to read and understand pattern terminology and instruction. Students will have demonstrations on techniques and access to relevant resources. Learners will be guided through each process with plenty of opportunity to ask questions and discuss techniques.

Teaching/Learning methods

Demonstrations/videos/discussion during the lesson and handouts

What Examinations will I be able to take?

No exams

Assessment Pattern

Your progress and achievement will be recognised and recorded in writing throughout.
Your tutor will make initial assessments of your abilities in order to help plan your work with you and set you some learning objectives.
You will learn to evaluate your work and recognise areas for improvement with help from your tutor.
At the end of the course you and your tutor will discuss and record what you have achieved and what you still need or want to learn.

Additional costs to students

A commercial pattern. Fabric. Elastic. Thread. A sewing kit: Fabric scissors, paper scissors, sewing needles, dressmaker pins, tape measure, safety pin and quick unpick. To be discussed before the lesson in a one-to-one meeting

What extra work do I need to I need to do outside the Classroom?

Not applicable

Progression Opportunities

Make a Simple Sweatshirt – Beginners Stage 2


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