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Art Appreciation


All levels

Prior Knowledge

Be fairly fluent in English

What Will I learn?

•Learners will be able to develop and evaluate an understanding of the world of Modern art from 1880 onwards by talking and listening and looking at art and artists and making notes in their notebooks for future reference.
•Learners are able to explore and identify why and how art works are made by comparing and contrasting the present with the past, and art movements with other art movements, evaluating the consequences of past events and decisions, and determining the outcomes that were made into art by answering questions during the sessions. E.g. Look at the different ways’ artists represent Conceptual art compared to Post Impressionism etc.
•They are encouraged to learn, analyse and understand art terms and develop and use specialist art vocabulary relating to the artist’s techniques and art work & art movements.
•Learners assess how visual elements contribute to the mood, meaning, tone or beauty of an art work.
•Learners are encouraged to visit galleries/museums and use the internet to research world art from 1880 onwards with optional home art sat each term and they can present these in and display in the classroom and/or on the dedicated secret Facebook page.
•Each term some sessions are devoted to artists who show work in London or online thus enabling as many leaners as possible to attend art exhibitions and see art work in the flesh. Learners encouraged to talk and show samples referring to details and examples of art work seen from their visits.
•Historical, Scientific and Cultural timelines are used throughout the year to show parallels in the life of an artist and the art work.

Subject Contents

See - What will I learn?

Teaching/Learning Methods

Power Point & peer and group discussion and assessments.

What Examinations Will I be Able to Take?


Assessment Pattern

plenary at the end of each session and celebration of optional art homework work either at the centre or online using secret Facebook page for this group

Additional Costs to Students

All learners are required to have The Art Book and/or The 20th Century Art Book or/and Art USA all published by Phaidon and a hardback notebook to make notes in.

What Extra Work Do I Need to Do Outside the Classroom?

Research online, visit art galleries or museums if possible. Optional home art is set occasionally.

Equipment Materials to be brought to the First Meeting

The Art Book and/or The 20th Century Art Book or/and Art USA all published by Phaidon and a hardback A5 or A4 notebook to make notes in.

Progression Opportunities

Group visit to a museum or gallery each year.


Creative Arts - Art Appreciation from 1880 to now - Life as we see it

  • Reference CTP306-22
  • Location: CALAT Central Croydon Centre
  • Start Date: 28 Apr 2023
  • End Date: 07 Jul 2023
  • Course Duration: 10 weeks
  • Time: Fri 13.00 - 15.00
  • 12 places available
Fee BandAmount
Full Fee166.00
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